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Wish Desk[76]

L-Shaped desk with keyboard slide, storage shelves underneath and bookshelves on top.

  • Option 1: You can choose from two different colours for the body of desk and bookshelves.
  • Option 2: You can choose from multiple colours for the face of the keyboard slide, two shelves of the storage shelves underneath, top shelves and face of the cupboard door.


Base Available Colours:
Light Oak, White Oak

Available Colours: 
White, Pink, Purple, Light Purple, Cherry, Blue, Dark Blue, Aqua Blue, Green, Light Green, Red

Assembled Size: 
Length: 103.6 cm
Width: 101.6 cm
Height: 210.5 cm

Package measurement and weight:
Total 5 Cartons
No.       Measurement                     Weight
5-1       107 X 107 X 4 cm                19 kg
5-2       220.5 X 37 X 5.1 cm            18.5 kg
5-3       107 X 35 X 13.5 cm             22.5 kg
5-4       78.5 X 47 X 13.5 cm            22 kg
5-5       108 X 43 X 7 cm                   5 kg

1 Year

Side Notes: 
The picture colour and actual product colour may have slight variances due to lighting and angle of shots. Assembly required.


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