My Design Bunk Bed K/Single


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My Design Bunk Bed K/Single

Loft bunk bed with 1 king single bed on top and ladder on the front of the bed, the ladder can be installed on either side but has no additional furniture underneath so there is a large play space. This space down below can also be used to put your own furniture in or you can look at the website for additional ideas on what to do with the empty space.

Hardwood & MDF

Available Colours: 

Available Size: 

  • King Single

Assembled Size: 
King Single
Length: 219 cm / 206 cm empty space
Width: 193 cm / 112.2 cm without ladder
Height: 184.5 cm / 139 cm empty space

Package measurement and weight:
Bunk Bed K/Single-3 Cartons
No.       Measurement                     Weight
3-1       191.5 X 117.5 X 19.5 cm     55.5 kg
3-2       210.6 X 76.3 X 24.3 cm       44.5 kg
3-3       108.4 X 25.8 X 6.6 cm         10 kg
Total Weight 110 kg
(E3 7 23)

Safety Warnings: 

  • Children younger than 9 years old should not use the upper bunk due to possible significant injuries.
  • Children should be discouraged from playing on the bunk bed.
  • The bunk bed should be checked periodically to ensure that the guardrail, ladder, and other components are maintained in the correct position and state of repair and that all connectors are tight.
  • The upper bunk must be kept for more than 2m away from any ceiling fan.
  • Maximum mattress height is 200mm.

1 Year

Side Notes: 
Mattress and Manchester pictured above are not included and they are for illustrative purposes only. The picture color and actual product color may have slight variances due to lighting and the angle of shots. The installation has difficulties and two people will be required to carry heavy panels.

6 reviews for My Design Bunk Bed K/Single

  1. TINA A

    My kid loves it

  2. Matt Z

    preferred to see the product in person, took my daughter to store to try to see if there is enough space below the loft for her to comfortably use the desk. the store had a desk displayed under the loft that happened to be the perfect height for my 14 yrs old

  3. Nicole S

    It would be nicer if they could provide custom-made, ideally, we wanted a double loft bed.

  4. Emily L

    well made

  5. Chin N

    Originally we wanted a loft with the ladder on the side instead of in the front. Fortunately, we visited the store, and after mentioning the size of the room, We were advised there wouldn’t be enough space for the child to access the ladder between our wardrobe and the loft. I’m very pleased with their professional customer service.

  6. Sharleen

    I measured the heights of several upper side rails in different stores and this particular store had the highest ones which made me feel it’s safer for my little one

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