Mid Sleeper Beds for Creative Kids in Sydney

Mid sleeper beds are a type of bed ideal for young children that features a raised bed accessible via ladder, and an underneath level, usually made into a play tent, den or study nook. These beds are the perfect option for small rooms as well as just a fantastic, creative bed for those adventurous children.

Give your child the bed of their dreams. Since our beginnings we have been creating stunning furniture that make bedtime fun for children. From a bed with a slide, to a beautiful design imitating a castle, mid sleeper beds are the perfect new addition to your child’s refurbished bedroom.

Turn your kid’s bed into an adventure kingdom

Combining play time with bed time, these beds will have your child spending hours in their room, so you have more time to relax. What’s more, your child will be proud of their room, motivating them to keep it cleaner and neater looking, and the extra space will minimise all that clutter.

Kids N’ Love is a specialty store that sells a range of kids’ furnishings, including novelty designs and simple, affordable pieces. As a direct factory outlet, we are able to offer competitive prices for our pieces, ensuring that each product is durable, nontoxic and truly unique. Whether it’s a trundle bed for sleepovers or a car bed for the auto lover, you’ll find something perfect for your little one.

Spark your child’s imagination with Kids N’ Love

We all love a home that expresses our creativity, so of course it should be the same for your kids! These beds will be sure to last your child years, and if the family loves them so much, you can recycle it for the next one.

Browse our current range and find something you love. You can visit our FDO or simply order online, making it easy to include the whole family! If you have any queries about our furniture range, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Call us on 0404 398 329, or send us an email at furnituredfo@gmail.com.

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