The Coolest Car Beds in Australia for Your Kids

Add a bit of playfulness to your kids’ bedroom décor with our car beds on sale for folks in Sydney and across Australia. Whether it’s swanky race cars beds or elegant carriage-style beds, we’re bound to have something that’ll make your child smile.

They come in different colours and styles and some even have drawers and shelves for extra storage space. Your toddler will love getting into their race car bed — a relief for Australian parents wanting to get an early night!

Affordable Car Beds for Sale so You Don’t Need to Break Your Bank

We understand that while parents want to spruce up a child’s room, they also want to do it within a budget. Our warehouse offers racing car beds that are cost-effective yet high quality — the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking to revamp the space in your kid’s bedroom, we have just what you need with our car beds — toddlers love getting up on them to pretend they’re in a race and it makes them more excited to go to bed as well.

Our store also offers some great novelty furniture for boys and girls like toy boxes, bookcases and other accessories that could go great with the car beds.

Get Your Kids a Car Bed Today!

Our selection of racing care beds will be great for all boys and girls! From blue to white to red and even pink — there’s something there for everyone! Give your kid fun-filled childhood days with these car beds for sale.

Browse online or come into our store in Sydney to find the perfect racing car bed for your kid. You can even order by phone at 0404 398 329 and one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to speak to you!

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