Kids Mid Sleeper Bed

Mid Sleeper Beds that Sydney Kids love

Make going to bed exciting with our range of kids mid sleeper beds available at Kids N’ Love! Specifically designed for little ones who are transitioning to children’s beds, our products are the perfect middle ground to make sleeping in their own space special. You won’t find children squeezing into your bed late at night, because they won’t be able to leave their new mid bed.

The best in beds

We ensure that your child will view sleep as a fun time with our high quality mid beds for sale. With all aspects of safety covered with the built-in barriers and easy to use ladders, these mid beds are the best option available to Sydney kids. Some of these beds even have a built-in slide so that your child can start their day with fun and laughter, and paired with special nooks underneath they can make their sleeping space a personalised and comfortable zone to go into every night. Their compact sizing and attached storage options is similar to our bunk beds, trundle and loft beds in store, which suit older children.

We even have a range of racing car beds to make any bed time as easy and exciting as possible! To get in touch about our full range of kids beds, contact us at Kids N’ Love today.