Kids Furniture FDO offers delivery services for our valued shoppers. We have several options depending on your area:

Sydney Metro Delivery Quotes

If you’re within Sydney areas, we have listed below available rates depending on how far your area is from our store.

  • If your place is 1~20km away from our store, there will be a delivery charge of $65.
  • If your place is 20~30km away from our store, the delivery charge will become $75.
  • If your area is 30~40km away from our store, your delivery charge becomes $85.
  • For delivery areas that are over 40 km away, check the formula below:
    • If you need it to be delivered in an area 50km away from store, we’re going to subtract the   base distance 40km from it, then multiply it to two. The resulting number will then be added with a base charge of $85. The sum $105 will become your total delivery fee for it.
      E.g. $85 + [(50km – 40km) x 2] = $105 for 50km.
    • For delivering goods to areas 55km away from store, same formula will be used but this time it will become 55km instead of 50km. Just remember that the base delivery charge for 40km delivery area will be used as standard part of delivery charge formula.
      E.g. $85 + [(55km – 40km) x2] = $115 for 55km
  • Add $10 to delivery fees if you need us to carry all delivered goods upstairs.

Some of the personal information we collect is essential for us to be able to accurately identify who we are dealing with. Other types of personal information we collect help us to profile who our client is and what their interests are.

Outside Sydney Delivery Quoting

We also deliver your items outside Sydney areas. To estimate the delivery fee on items outside Sydney follow these three steps:

  • Provide us the list of item names you want to be delivered.
  • Provide the suburb name & state with postcode where we will deliver the goods, and
  • Provide your mobile number.

If you have more questions, you’re welcome to call us on 02-82139247, 02-96485366 or email

Free Warehouse Pick Up

The goods can be collected from our warehouse located at Level 2, 219 Parramatta Rd Auburn NSW 2144.