SeaTac Mid Sleeper W/Slide


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SeaTac Mid Sleeper W/Slide[170]

Single size mid sleeper with a ladder and slide for kids to enjoy using when getting up in the morning or to play on during the day with an open spot in the middle that can be used for furniture or to store toys. The ladder and slide can be placed on either side to accommodate any room layout. A green and yellow curtain with a door and window cut out. The curtain covers the open area and has been designed for a boy’s room so that he can have fun playing under the bed and can pretend he is in a castle. The slide also has a curtain cover to make it look like the tower of a castle for more entertainment by the boy. The door and window cut out both have a fabric cloth that can be rolled up or lowered over the hole. There are also four green and yellow pockets on the bed railing that he can put his favorite toy or items in, there is also four more pockets on one of the sides of the curtain. The curtains are removable. The bed also comes with Metal Handles and Anti-Slip Tape for the ladder, so that it is safer for your child to go up and down.


Available Colours: 

Available Size: 

  • Single

Assembled Size: 
Length: 199.1 cm
Width: 214.2 cm
Height: 192.3 cm

Package measurement and weight:
Bed W/Slide Single- 3 Cartons
No.       Measurement                     Weight
3-1       196 X 26 X 19 cm                32.3kg
3-2       140 X 38 X 12 cm                 8.32 kg
3-3         98 X 30 X 8 cm                 15.53 kg
Total Weight 56.15 kg


1 Year

Side Notes: 
Mattress and manchester pictured above are not included and they are for illustrative purpose only. The picture colour and actual product colour may have slight variances due to lighting and angle of shots. Installation has difficulties and two people will be required to carry heavy panels.


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