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House Mid Sleeper[173]

House design single size mid sleeper with a ladder that can be placed on either side to accommodate any room layout with an open spot in the middle. The ladder is removable. This bed can be installed in four different styles:

  • Step 1: Mid Sleeper W/Ladder
  • Step 2: Mid Sleeper W/Ladder W/House On Top
  • Step 3: Low bed
  • Step 4: Low bed W/House On Top

The space down below can also be used to put your own furniture in or you can check out our related products section for additional ideas on what to do with the empty space, such as

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  • Kingdom Bookcase W/Kingdom Desk
  • Combination A: Kingdom Bookcase+Kingdom Chest Of Drawer-3D+Kingdom Bookcase
  • Combination B: Kingdom Bookcase+Kingdom Chest Of Drawer-3D+Kingdom Desk
  • Combination C: Kingdom Bookcase+Kingdom Chest Of Drawer-3D+Kingdom Bookcase W/Kingdom Desk

Finland Solid Pine Wood

Available Colours: 
Light Oak

Available Size: 

  • Single

Assembled Size: 
Step 1
Length: 207 cm
Width: 138.5 cm / 101 cm without ladder
Height: 125.5 cm / 76.5 cm undernearth the bed

Step 2
Length: 208.2 cm
Width: 139.1 cm / 102.2 cm without ladder
Height: 225 cm / 76.5 cm undernearth the bed

Step 3
Length: 207 cm
Width: 101 cm
Height: 73 cm

Step 4
Length: 208.2 cm
Width: 102.2 cm
Height: 225 cm

Package measurement and weight:
Bed Single-5 Cartons
No.       Measurement                     Weight
5-1       203 X 36.5 X 10 cm             25 kg
5-2       89.5 X 53.5 X 16 cm            12 kg
5-3       201.5 X 54.5 X 11.5 cm       28 kg
5-4       107 X 31 X 21 cm                  5 kg
5-5       98.5 X 96 X 8 cm                 16 kg

1 Year

Side Notes: 
Mattress and manchester pictured above are not included and they are for illustrative purpose only. The picture colour and actual product colour may have slight variances due to lighting and angle of shots. Installation has difficulties and two people will be required to carry heavy panels.


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