Fashion Bunk Bed K/Single & Fashion K/S Bed & Fashion COD 5D #104041


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Fashion Bunk Bed K/Single & Fashion K/S Bed & Fashion COD 5D[174]

When your family is growing and your space is not, This Loft bunk bed with 1 King Single Bed on Top collection offers the perfect solution. The extra wide, grooved step, angled floor ladder and safety guard rails are interchangeable so, you can position ladder where you need it. Flexibility is what we are all about! Featuring a built-in Shelf and big space underneath, this smart bunk bed provides plenty of room for kids and teens to work, rest and play. Meanwhile, you could customize underneath the bed by choosing a maximum of two items to get the best outlook for your room and please check at the other link to get the idea.

Safety Warnings: 

  • Children younger than 9 years old should not use the upper bunk due to possible significant injuries.
  • Children should be discouraged from playing on the bunk bed.
  • The bunk bed should be checked periodically to ensure that the guardrail, ladder and other components are maintained in the correct position and state of repair and that all connectors are tight.
  • The upper bunk must be kept for more than 2m away from any ceiling fan.
  • Maximum mattress height is 200mm.


Available Colours: 
White-Matt, Pink-Matt, Blue-Matt【out of stock】

Available Size: 

  • King Single

Assembled Size: 
King Single
Length: 229 cm
Width: 113.5 cm
Height: 176 cm

Package measurement and weight:
Fashion Bunk Bed King Single-4 Cartons
No.       Measurement                         Weight
4-1       180 X 117.5 X 8 cm                 77 kg
4-2       208 X 121 X 8.5 cm                 85 kg
4-3       108 X 25 X 7.5 cm                   10 kg
4-4       210 X 25 X 6.5 cm                    6 kg

1 Year

Side Notes: 
Mattress and Manchester pictured above are not included and they are for illustrative purpose only. The picture colour and actual product colour may have slight variances due to lighting and angle of shots. The installation has difficulties and two people will be required to carry heavy panels.




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